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I’m Ginny.  I grew up in the Washington, DC Metro region and, despite numerous attempts to flee to England, life keeps bringing me back.

I love to write about lots of different things.  You can find my words scattered to these other corners of the internet:

  • Fledgling Things – My personal blog, your one stop shop for miscellaneous thoughts.
  • Catapult magazine – A biweekly publication of reflections on the application of Christian faith to life.
  • Harvest blog – A blog written by and for the young adults ministry of McLean Presbyterian Church in McLean, VA.

One thought on “About the Writer

  1. Jean Wofford says:

    I enjoy reading your stories… One day when your a big name author, I can tell everyone … ” I knew you”. Your blog is such enjoyable reading– I am glad you jotted down other avenues to locate some of your writing. Thank you,
    Jean Wofford

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